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The purpose of this post is to share my experiences, thoughts, ideas and feelings about Kizomba, this magical dance that has entered my life like a hurricane.  . .  and which has become a new found passion of mine. So if you are reading this, that’s a start!

Personal experience has shown me that bringing Kizomba to Tampa hasn’t been an easy task as it is one of those dances that must be felt and then appreciated. I was a non-believer until I saw and felt Kizomba on the dance floor. It didn’t appear that it would become so popular but interestingly enough it has grown.  I remember friends would say ”let’s see about this, I doubt it will pick up”… Then one by one they started dancing. Then they wanted more. More lessons, more social, more music… Still not sold on it, and still they wanted more! As for me, I now travel the world, with an unquenchable thirst, learning, dancing, experiencing Kizomba.

Kizomba has grown to the point where it is now a part of every Salsa/Bachata congress and festival in the US but not only it’s taught during these events, we now have our own Kizomba rooms where we can enjoy 100% uninterrupted Kizomba music!

I still remember those comments that it would not catch on. . . and it fills me with great joy that  Kizomba is one of the most rapidly growing dances in the US! Everyone is talking about it and now it is time you try it!! Don’t miss out!

Good luck to you my friend, it is now up to you !

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